Discrete Pocketed Spring System

Silence® Discrete Pocketed Spring System Individual weight absorption
  • Isolated movement
  • Lower noise
  • Less distrubance
  • Silent sensational sleep
  • Extremely durable
Conventional Interlocking Spring System Motion transfer across springs
  • Interlocking structure
  • Louder noise
  • Greater distrubance
  • Unfavourable sleep
  • Less durable


High-Density Foam


High-Resilience Foam


Parallel Structure

  • Product Specifications
  • INFREENITI® Ultra Support
  • Mattress Height : 10” (25cm)
  • Soft Gentle Knitted Fabric Cover
  • VoluFoam® High-Density Foam
  • Silensen® Individual Pocketed Spring System
  • BalanceAct® Parallel Sleep System
  • Universal Foam Box Safety System


Awakened by the energatic and dynamic way of life in Australia, Back.Pedic safeguard your perfect night's sleep in the bed of roses via excellent craftsmenship. The aristocratic luxury that yoy can truly feel from the moment you recline on the mattress.

Every creation from Back.Pedic has to go throught stringent approval process, which is the reason each is made possible with only the finest materials. Coupled with innovative technologies and our attention to detail, your sophisticated sleeping companion is ready to serve your preference ranging from soft to medium to firm, assuring you a deep sleep without the need of counting sheep.