Sleep well naturally for
better health, every night.


Back Pain Relief Designed by our Australian sleep & orthopaedic experts, our maltresses are made with you comfort and wellness in mind.

Relieve Stress The BalanceAct parallet aligning structure, provides you a more gentle and soft-comfort sensational support & completely relief stress.

High-Resilience Foam Flexibility is what you need whencomes to body conformation. Flexifoam reacts quicky to bdy weight and instantly regain to its original shape as soon as the pressure exerted on it removed.

High-Density Foam The Volufoam density is affecting its comfort level as a higher density foarm is giving you a plush comfort yet firm support as compared to the lower ones.

Natural Latex Our Coolatex is formed by natural and breathable latex that offers you a more refreshing and cooling sleep, also naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacteria.

Anti-Microbial & Hypoallergenic The special fabric thread quickly absorb moisture produced by the human body and evaporate much more faster comparing than normal fibres. Back.Pedic special made fabric completely hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause any irritation to the user’s skin. Moreover it is unaffected by microorganisms, fungi, insects, etc.