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Multiple advanced sleep solutions in 1 mattress

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We are Committed to Advancing Innovative Technology in Sleep

Advanced Technology in Responsive Pressure Relief & Support

Sleep is a key time for the body to recover and rejuvenate, but people with serious back pain may find it hard to get quality sleep, and sleeping in an unsupported position can lead to back aches.
Lumbar Shield zoned lumbar support foam provides added contouring and reinforcement to the body areas that need it most, promoting spinal alignment to help preventing back pain, offering excellent pressure relief to get deeper, more restorative sleep.

Lumbar Support

Pressure Relief

Prevent Back Pain

Now that’s a true good night’s sleep


Double Comfort, Double Support

Luxurious layering of parallel pocketed spring on top of honeycomb spring foundation is a dream combination for soft yet resilient, and gentle yet durable coil structure.

This considerate design offers a solid sleeping platform with optimum air flow and body support, giving you promising result in preventing back pain, suitable for all ages, weights, and body shapes.




Silent Night, Peaceful Sleep

Even the slightest movement by your partner wakes you up? Not in a Back.Pedic bed.

With SILENSEN, every single 110mm coil in Back.Pedic is wrapped individually, providing isolated movement between each coil for optimum noise-free weight absorption and zero partner disturbance.

Noise Free

Zero Partner Disturbance


Sleep through the night and wake up feeling better than ever


Non-spring System

Sleeping on a no-spring mattress will minimise the exposure of Electromagnetic Field (EMF).

Reduce Electromagnetic Field

Regulate Body System

Encourage Restorative Deep Sleep


100% Natural Latex

Nature-sourced materials with billions of highly breathable micro-pores come with original anti dustmite properties.


Excellent Airflow

Prevents Heat Build-Up



Comfortable & Durable Non-toxic Foam

Specially designed with unique density, this material is the combination of comfort and durability, safe for delicate needs.

High Resilience


Excellent Spinal Support


Prevent Roll-off

Surrounded with safety-enforced foam box, Back.Pedic mattresses have amazing durability and stability.

Solid Protection

Makes Getting In and Out of Bed Easier

Retain Performance


Trust a Mattress by Its Cover

Functional fabric with different features to maximise your sleep quality

Achieve Better Vitality Through Intra- Body Communication

Factors like stress from daily life, hard work, sleep deprivation, and fatigue result in communication disorders within the body. Biorytmic developed by Boyteks align natural minerals in a geometric composition to disperse vibrational energy that activates the meridians of the body through impulses for a better sleep environment to improved intra-body communication.

Benefits of BIORYTMIC

Improve Body Rejuvenation

Improve Relaxation

Improve Concentration

Speed up Body’s Self-Recovery

Balance of Energy

Reduce Stress


Luxurious Sleeping Experience

Fully imported toxic-free natural fibres that are ultra soft and smooth, providing you a luxurious comfortable sleeping experience.

Anti-Dust Mites



Ultimate Hygiene Solution

Swiss Technology Quality sleep should be totally undisturbed. SANITIZED™ is a Swiss technology treated cover fabric that protects our body from harmful allergens, dust mites, and bacteria up to 99.9%, approved even by the most delicate skin.

Cooling Sleep All Night Long

COOLER™ is fully imported from Turkey. This durable, moisture-wicking fabric known for its temperature regulating capabilities and silky smooth feel is tested ad proven to reduce 1.3°C of body heat during your sleep, providing soothing and refreshing sleep throughout the night.

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